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Descriptors cache invalidation & references

Authored by CLOVIS on Jul 3 2018, 3:29 PM.



The code for the Descriptor & Reference classes.

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rLIBWFJVA WildFyre Java Libary
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Using static inner class

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You dont have to put the license in every file.

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Reason for this class having the public modifier?

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It's a standard in Java projects, I'm not sure why. Every Java IDE does that by default when you create the file. I can remove it if you prefer

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Because it will be accessed from other packages:

net.wildfyre.api contains the main classes of the API (User, WFApi, ...)
net.wildfyre.descriptors contains the internal representation of the cache etc

So net.wildfyre.api needs to be able to access stuff in net.wildfyre.descriptors

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Somehow don't like having a class public that users shouldn't find

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There is no problem if they do, it won't break anything or enable access to secret information. I see what you mean though, I'll try to find a way to keep the architecture clean & hide internal classes.

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Kinda redundant tbh

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StackOverflow says it's considered best practice to do it

Here too

CLOVIS added inline comments.
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Based on your concerns, I'm considering making this a subproject (alike the HTTP module). I have asked a question on SO about whether that's considered best practice, I'll get back to that task when I get some answers.

  • Also remove out/ dir of subprojects
  • Added subproject cache
  • Added subproject cache & dependencies
  • Merge branch 'master'
  • Better dependencies between projects
  • Moving package descriptors to new subproject cache/

@Info-Screen I moved the 'descriptors' package to a new subproject. The consequences is that even if its contents are public, they are only available from the current project (the lib) and not from the end-user's library (= if someone marks the lib as a dependency, the subprojects (http/ & cache/) are not imported)

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