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Initial iosclient

Authored by WyldBot on Mar 17 2019, 6:01 PM.


Test Plan

Initial iosclient. Still has many bugs!!!

Diff Detail

rIOS iOS Client
Lint Errors
ErrorArchive/Buy Buttons.png:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/Coin AmountBg.png:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/Group 5.2.png:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/Post Control.png:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/Rectangle 2.26.png:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/RectanglePostBackGround 2.15.png:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/WildFyre Final/.DS_Store:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/WildFyre Final/FireGradient.png:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/WildFyre Final/WildFyre:NAME1Bad Filename
ErrorArchive/WildFyre Final/key.p12:NAME1Bad Filename
WarningArchive/Search.png:CHMOD1Invalid Executable
WarningArchive/SearchBarRec.png:CHMOD1Invalid Executable
No Test Coverage
Build Status
Buildable 594
Build 594: arc lint + arc unit

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That looks like a file that shouldn't be public?

Looks like we are 2 levels to deep

Do we really need the images in different colors.

They only have foreground in a single color.
Have the image with black solid foreground, and set the color in the code.

please add the xcuserdata folder to .gitignore

Refer to my comments in #dev-ios

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  • Fixed errors

I still don't see a reason for the Archive folders, as well as the .DS_Store files

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This diff seams wrong.
Do you check what you are uploading before you do?

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There are only 2 files in the diff at that point

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