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Friends not Followers
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Allow users to befriend eachother.
Has no effect on spread
Will allow users to @ users that are there friends.
Whether it be in a post or comment
Will also need an endpoint that lists users based on the letters that proceed the '@' symbol
Still must be friends for the username to show up here... We don't want to list all users.
Friends with WyldBot2 but I'm not friends with WyldBot3
@w will show just WyldBot2

To see further what I am talking about.... Phabricator has the feature. @WyldBot

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Event Timeline

We need a possibility to notify the user first. So parenting Direct Messaging

Wouldn't it be a notification? Not a direct message?

Yes but I would use the DM system to let users befriend eachother

Three possibilities:

  1. Will be send to the server as @{id of user}, so when a username changes the references don't get lost. Server will then check if the user with the id is a friend of the author. Client will then replace the id with the full username.
  2. Will be send to the server as @"{username}" (and the server replaces that with the user id before it writes the post into the db), server checks again if they are friend. Client will have no way to link to @Users profile.
  3. Will be send to server as @"{username}" (saves to db as @{id of user}) and the server replaces it with @"{username}" <{id of user}> (similar to the From header in emails)

I would choose eighter 1 or 3.

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