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Deprecate external images
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NOTE: This is only a proposal, open for discussion.

This is the timeline for the deprecation of the external images feature. The deprecation will start with the roll out of the internal image Feature which replaces the external images.
Users are encouraged to stop using external images as soon as the alternative is available.

Clinets other than the WebClient will not recognize the external image markdown, even if available before complete removal.

Initial Deprecation

The Web client will stop to support the creation of posts that have external images. The Server API will still allow it though.
Ref: D153

No further external images (~ July 1, 2018)

The Web client will only recognize the image markdown for post and comments created before this key date. Newer posts and comments will not have their external images interpreted.
Web client will still prevent people from creating posts with external images.

Complete Removal

Web client will no longer recognize the image markdown. Only WildFyre hosted images will be displayed. All posts and comments that contain the external image markdown at that time will get it converted to a link with the alternate and the description (unless empty or undefined). The posts will also get their active flag cleared, as they are no longer "compatible" with the current version.
It will be possible to create posts that contain the now no longer recognized image markdown.

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D153: Images

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Info-Screen created this task.

Actually this is a process it isn't finished yet.

Oh I move it to finished when I have a diff for it

@WyldBot Web Client can continue with 2nd stage.

I actually like the stage that its in(We dont restrict the old image markdown, but we dont support it either)(Old image markdown is changed to a link)
, I will however, change it to get rid of the external tags the code generates

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