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Implement Google Game Services
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Let me know if you need any help with this.

This will be funny gamification added to the app, like giving them 50 points on app login and saying something like "Stepping into the smoke"

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Is this in compliance with Googles policy?

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That's clearly not going to be done soon, but I'll keep that in mind when writing the code

So here is what should be implemented to be compliant:

  • MUST ask before logging in with Play (eg. button "connect to Google Play" in user page or similar)
  • Stay signed in until player logs of
  • Display a notification/popup every time something play-related happens

Makes me think that it could be implemented by a "connect to Google Play" toggle in the user's page

Ideas of good achievements:

  • "Stepping into the Smoke" for sign up
  • Have at least ~100 "spreads"

Bad achievements:

  • Make 100 posts (promotes spam)