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Area automation
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Area creation & deletion should be an automatic process with no admin interaction.

The way this would work:

  • Anyone can create a special post to request the creation of a new Area
  • Spreads on this post count as "vote yes", extinguishes count as "vote no"
  • If enough people vote yes, the area is created
  • Areas are automatically deleted when no new posts were created in the last months
  • Anyone can create a post requesting the deletion of an Area, but it is only sent to people active* in that area (= if you are not a member of an area, you can't vote for its removal -- but active members can if they want to)

*active could be "having at least a post that got 10 spreads in the last month in that area", not just the number of posts at all in the area (assuming users extinguish spam, areas where the only content is spam would get deleted as for "not enough active members").

As a disclaimer for WildFyre users, this does not count as a proof / confirmation that this will one day be implemented. It is merely an idea I had at this point.