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Implement new area system
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Clovis Proposal:

User Areas Proposal

The main topic is to allow users to create areas, without any action from the admins: the community is free to do whatever.

This is split in multiple parts;

Area subscribing: you can subscribe to an area, and all of the posts from all areas you're subscribed to shows up in the "my" area. This way, you can choose once what interests you, then simply browse "my".

Anyone can request area creation with a special poll, posted in an existing relevant area (basically, a request to fork). For exemple, you can request in "memes" to create an area "french memes". If users in memes think they are different enough, and that it's a good idea to have both, the "french memes" area gets created and "linked" with the memes area (I'll explain links later).

Unlike major social networks, you,ad the creator of the area, doesn't have any power over it. You cannot just remove it, or whatever. Areas belong to the community.

To remove an area, it is done by vote (anyone can start it).

If an area is not active enough (no posts to reach 100 spreads in a week), it is archived. The area is not removed, but all the posts stop spreading, and it is not possible to post/comment/view posts (except from your archive, that still works). The area becomes read-only.

This means that it is possible to create an area just for an event, and remove it afterwards. Unlike Reddit or other websites, areas are not set in stone.

Areas can be "linked" together; they are called neighbors. When a post reaches a big rank in an area (meaning almost everyone in that area is enjoying it), it can spread to neighboring areas. There, users will also be able to ignite/extinguish it.
This ensures that content continues to spread even when it reached everyone in that area. If a post in "french politics" does very well, it can be seen in "English politics". If a post does very well in "programming", it could be seen in other tech-related areas.

As every other thing, links are created by a vote, in which both areas vote (links work both ways, so both need to vote).

Yes, this means that there will be areas, but it will be easy to find them. First, from any area, you can reach neighbor areas easily (they are listed in the area description). You occasionally also will see the very popular posts from other areas, and you can decide to join these areas then. You can also search for an area by name.

About searching in your archive — you can just use the magnifying glass and search for any words, like you would in Google.

This also supports unlinked areas. These would be areas that are can be linked together, but are not linked to the main graph of areas. Basically, a different "world" of areas, split from the normal areas. You can only find them using a link. This essentially allows private areas; for example, for an highschool or a university.

Users voted and this is what we will go with

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Another proposal:

We could maybe make an option to combine different area's in one feed, like art and fun into one feed/area so that people have diversity and subjects they love.

The reason why plag failed with their area system was because of that if you choose one area you only get cards from that area, what users want is a combination of different area's/subjects in one personalised area/feed. I don't see the cons of such an area system apart from that's difficult to make

My proposal:

Have a very generic/general area list.. Too many areas can be confusing. (How it currently is)
Fun -> Random

With more specific user-define tags in the post itself: Randomlives, xbox360, videogames, etc.

Sorry if it wasn't clear, what I meant was that anyone would have 2 "virtual" areas: "world" which is just everything without sorting, and "subscriptions" that would be every area the user is interested in. Because the posts that are very popular would spread to neighbor areas, you would discover areas that are similar to the ones you know that way. By default, the user would be subscribed to the main ones, but they would slowly discover other ones.

@WyldBot How would users create them? Can anyone create its own tag? How do you choose tags when you search for something? How do you discover new tags? What about tags that are used by noone? That means that it's impossible to see stuff marked with tags you didn't enable, doesn't that kind of break WildFyre's purpose? Also, that means that by default (new users) everyone accepts every tag? Because otherwise they won't see anything. If they by default have no tags enabled, then they won't see anything. When a new tag is created, will it able itself for everyone? Because if not, nobody will ever discover new tags since you don't see posts marked with tags if you didn't accept them?

We've already voted for the proposal in the Telegram group; if you want to make another proposal anyway, please try to make it clear how it works 😊

I'm creating a document with a lot more details on what the areas could look like, please take a look and tell me if I've done any mistakes:

I'm liking the original Clovis proposal. However:

To remove an area, it is done by vote (anyone can start it).

I think this should appear as a post, with spread etc, and once it reaches half the average (maximum?) spread currently in that area, it is considered as passed

I don't think areas should get archived, but if it is very inactive, it will be easy to delete (see last point)

Replaced by T405, which will be more detailed