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How to write a proper essay?
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Essay is a literary genre that is based on associative thinking. An essay is a mini essay with a free composition, expressing specific impressions concerning a particular issue. This genre is particularly popular in recent times. Is homework for you legit? Today, the essay is quite often offered as an assignment for a particular subject, as well as in other situations. For example, during the admission to a university or other institution, as well as during employment, the essay is a part of the total package of documents.

Essay writing is extremely useful, so everyone should know how these kinds of mini essays are written.

Writing an essay may begin with a quote, a rhetorical question, a problem question, a typical situation, general information about the problem disclosed in the essay, a reference to the opinion of an authoritative source, creating a special emotional mood, an appeal to specific facts of the biography of the described author, etc. In the introduction, be sure to lead the reader to the formulation of the problem.

In the text, be sure to use the word "question" or "problem. The problem should cover the entirety of the material covered in the essay. The most common cliché phrases may be used in formulating the problem: the text raises the problem, the author raises the problem, etc.

Commentary on the problem.
You can touch on the history of the issue and consider different points of view. The use of cliché phrases is also acceptable here.

After that it is necessary to reveal the author's position. It can be explicit and hidden.

The penultimate stage is the description of agreement or disagreement with the opinion of the author. One should argue his/her point of view.

Here you should summarize the whole essay, summarize what you have written and draw appropriate conclusions.

General recommendations
You can use subheadings to improve the overall look of your mini essay. This will allow readers to better perceive the text and trace its general logic.

Pay attention to the length of the essay as well. It should occupy no more than seven pages of printed text. Specifically formulate the topic of the essay. The essay should answer only one question. Emphasize a trusting style of communication with the reader. Keep your narrative at ease. Avoid complicated sentences and vague utterances.

Try to surprise the reader by reflecting on some aphoristic statement. Do not use slang, abbreviations and frivolous tones in your essay. At the same time, don't use complicated phrases, so that the text can be understood by any reader.
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