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Automatic translation
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We need to allow automatic language translation
This will allow a user to select a preferred language and all posts that are not in their preferred language could be auto-translated.
This idea could be taken to photos as well with Optical Character Recognition(OCR)

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Not sure if this should be done client or server side

Neither did I, thats why I assigned both tags. We will have to investigate further

I think this should be done server side. Here's why.
What we can do is, have a variable on the profile endpoint for the users preferred language.
We can send this variable, after being retrieved from the api of course whenever we want to fetch post(s). The server could then respond in a j.i.t version of the translated text(and comments)
Thus, we wouldn't need to send a bunch of client side requests to Google's translate service, which we shouldn't to begin with. This could be all done all on server side
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The problem comes with latency server side

The amount of time it would take to request data from Google and send it to the client could take longer and depend on the amount of comments, because they would all be different requests

The stack wouldn't be so hard because we could pre-fetch data

The painpoint would be in notifications and user posts

Which explaining all this, begs the question on if we should do it because of all of the requests

Unless there's a faster/better way to do it.

We could also assign posts a language. So for instance say a post was in English and my preferred language is English, we wouldn't need to request a translation

This would reduce requests

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We need an endpoint in account for preferred language will hold something similar to "en-US"

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