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How to write a good essay? It is necessary to immerse yourself in the topic, to start living it. Yes, yes, to live it, because few people think about their life, history, and vocation, excluding all the stereotypes that accompany them. Everyone thinks: history is what it was, a vocation is a particular specialty. But when one delves into a subject, one has to face more serious obstacles and take a closer look at things one didn't see before. You have to look for moments that inevitably hurt, look for something important, run the text through all the facets and corners of your soul. The text can pour out of you or it can cause great difficulty in writing, and I suppose the latter is more valuable. For only that which requires enormous effort can be considered good work. The unemployedprofessors review threatens to be one of the most difficult assignments one will have to face while studying, for when writing you will have to look at yourself from the other side and see what happens to your own beliefs and thoughts when something completely different from what we deal with every day comes into play.

How to write a good essay? Write about yourself and for yourself. It is easy to write about everyone; much has been written about these abstract "everyone," but few people are used to writing and reading about a specific person, a specific world full of mysteries. But write for yourself, just for yourself, because it's much harder to admit your dark angst to others. Don't think anyone will read it. Just write for yourself or for a close friend with whom you can share almost anything. Don't try to write for the public. No one has written about you or tried to find out about you up to this point.

If you're not moved by what you do and what you write about, if you don't find new facets and you're not intimidated by your own writing, then it's just an illusion of working on an essay. It has to be psychologically difficult for something to change in you afterwards. If everything remains the same, you didn't learn anything, then it was useless. When I wrote my essay about my story, I had to suffer for three months from what I was discovering about myself.

Don't be afraid to be honest with yourself; try to get to know the person who lives inside you. After all, we are almost never alone with ourselves. The age of modern technology has made it possible not to listen to yourself, not to be alone with yourself for a minute. That's the problem: stay, let everything be silent, listen to your voice. Don't control the writing process, let it become reflective writing in its purest form, don't hold back the flow of your thoughts. After all, which thoughts are ours and which are not, you have yet to find out. Try to deal with this question in your writing.

You need to learn how to evaluate your essay. This can be an overwhelming task. Evaluating your own text, and your own revelation text, is difficult. But if you manage to give an objective evaluation of your language, it will bring you closer to understanding your text and two essays in a whole year will give you enormous progress in writing other papers.

It's very important to find authors who have looked at the world the same way you have. I think you can draw on their judgment in your considerations. Examples from the outside are very important, because no one has cancelled the proof of one's own point of view. But there has to be a measure, too: either the essay will be overloaded with quotations from other authors, or your ideas and arguments will be connected in such a way that the most important things will come through between the lines.

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