Translating Areas to Kotlin


Translating Areas to Kotlin


  • Added encodings IDEA settings file
  • Merging from master
  • Adding the cause as an optional parameter to ProgrammingException
  • Making the warning "Usage of Kotlin internal..." weak in tests because of an IntelliJ inspection bug
  • Adding support for Dokka (Kotlin documentation)
  • Method & Request are now internal
  • Helper methods Request.getJsonObject & getJsonArray
  • Translating Area to Kotlin
  • Using @JvmOverloads on ProgrammingException to make it easy to use
  • Translating IssueInTransferException to Kotlin

Fixes T271

Test Plan: Run the tests to check that nothing was broken

Reviewers: WyldBot, Info-Screen

Reviewed By: WyldBot, Info-Screen

Maniphest Tasks: T271

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.wildfyre.net/D201


Merged Changes