/Create fixes + others

Authored by WyldBot on Jan 22 2019, 6:09 PM.


/Create fixes + others

Upgraded image cropper to latest
Modified cropper settings to work better on mobile and allow nearly any sized image file
Displays are name to users before they save as draft or create post
Uses ternary operators in places to clean up code
Started using template literals to clean up code
Fixed addLineBreak function
Only adds a period to text, if - the text is empty and they are trying to upload a picture.. i.e. we would need to create a draft
Hides comment box and post tools when no post
Adds indention for bullet points

Fixes T302, T239, T241, and T242

Test Plan:
Test images on mobile
Try a really large image
Test that comment box and post editing tools are removed when there isnt a post

Reviewers: Info-Screen, CLOVIS

Reviewed By: Info-Screen

Subscribers: WyldBot, Info-Screen

Maniphest Tasks: T302, T242, T241, T239

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.wildfyre.net/D209